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Document ID: SX132879/ Created On: December 10, 2015/ Updated On: December 10, 2015

Author: SmartX


While in WI 5.4 we had to configure the Alternate site in the Secure Access option :


In storefront this options is configurable at the web.config file (under the Store not the Web!).

Firstly, backup the original web.config file (under C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\Store)

Open the file and Search for the following line:

<routingPolicy allowDynamicGateways="on" alternateAddress="off" />

Change the “off” to “on”

Save the file and make the same changes on all SF servers

Alternate Address not supported on XenApp 7.x.

Applies to

  • Storefront 2.x
  • Storefront 3.x

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