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Administrator cannot generate XenMobile report from the XM console.


Session Reports (Connection Logs), is a summary of mobile device activity. It includes total usage per user and overall data compression ratio. The connection logs can contain a large amount of data. The data is created over a period of time by the Device Manager server and it is stored in the Device Manage repository database. Citrix recommends to limit the use of connection logs to processing of small datasets in order to avoid decrease in the performance of the Device Manager server.


As per our product management, it was decided to turn the audit logger off (by default) from 8.0 onwards, since it produces a massive amount of data, making the database communication unstable.

 This setting can be only enabled manually, editing the file “” found at location “C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\XenMobile Device Manager\tomcat\webapps\zdm\WEB-INF\classes”

A parameter in called “xdm.logger.auditlogger.enabled”, that is used in audtilogger.xml, hence you can simply enable it by changing it to “true”.

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