SSB – SmartX Secure Browsing


How it’s done today

Why Secure Browsing. The Internet is full with security threats, malware & malicious code, Employees often need access to the internet but today’s standard solutions (Web Filtering, Anti-Virus, Firewall) do not provide a full answer to the problem. Organizations wants to provide their employees with a platform which will allow them to browse the Internet, download & upload files without worrying about security threats.


How It’s Done Today. there are several approches when it comes to secure browsing, the most popular approches are: double the number of endpoint computers and double the networking infrastructure or browsing through virtual environment (XenApp/XenDesktop).


The Problem. The user needs to know what should be opened on each environment and how to work in each environment. Let’s take the following scenario as an example:
A user receives an email containing a link. The user14
will have to know in which workspace he needs to open the link. If it’s an
external link the user will need to move to his other computer or start
his published internet browser on the secured network…then he will need
to authenticate with his external credentials, copy the link, or worse, send
it to external email and then copy it to his external workspace.
Sounds complex? Definitely.


The User Experience Is Not the Only Problem

When we provide a solution that is not user-friendly, we create a set of other problems:

– Inability to exercise enterprise policy

– The user searches for (and will find) Workarounds Solutions

– Produce unnecessary load on the HELP DESK

– Impact the organization's business

An incomplete solution does not justify the investment in a vital project that aims to eliminate all security risks deriving from internet browsing.


A complete solution will provide a comprehensive response to the following organizing aspects:

12 Users. Transparent Solution, Includes SSO, Automatic link redirection, User Personalization.

12Security. Isolation of the browsing environment, Managed solution that can be customized to meet the organization’s needs, Monitored Solution.

12Operations & HELP DESK. Allows EndUser Support & Shadow, Load monitoring system, Command and control

Management, Ability to Manage user’s data & environment.


Is there such a solution?


Secure Browsing

How it should be


The Product. SmartX Secure Browsing is a platform which allows secured internet browsing for your corporate end user’s By browsing outside the corporate network while ensuring the best user experience.


Key Features. 13 Full SSO 13 Anonymous browsing 13Automatic Link Redirection 13 Clientless
13Easy Management 13 Identity Management 13Full User Personalization 13 Integrated Active Directory


How It Works. SmartX Secure Browsing acts as a proxy and separates between internal sites to external sites (according to the corporate policy), the internal sites are allowed to access directly while external sites are opened automaticlly in a browser published on Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop at the corporate DMZ.


Rules can be set on 3 levels: 12Global Rules 12 Group Rules 12 User Rules
The Rules are than aggregated and applied once the user is making a request.



The Flow